House at Jalan Tamban, SingaporeHouse at Jalan Tamban, Singapore

Corner Terrace @ Jalan Tamban

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Corner Terrace @ Jalan Tamban

Design Brief

Location Singapore
Size 292.970 sqm
Status Completed 2002

This 4,500 sq ft semi-detached house explores ideas of vertical ascension of space within 3,000 sq ft of land.  

The design aims to establish meaningful spatial relationship between boundary, house and the street which is often lacking in Singapore due to the restrictive planning controls.

The client, a well-known figure in the music scene, asked for a house that would allow him to entertain friends in style as well as be a home for his mother, aunt, uncle, cousin and nephew. 

The brief is met by focusing all the main spaces around a garden courtyard which rises through the centre of the house – an efficient yet dramatic plan.  An open staircase winds around the courtyard, creating the unique experience of a ‘vertical promenade’ as views and spaces of different character unfolds throughout the spatial volume of the house.