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Seven Crescent

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Seven Crescent

Design Brief

Location Singapore
Size 3,078 sqm
Status Completed 2013

Nestled in quiet mature landed housing estate, the fourteen cluster bungalows at 7 Crescent enjoys an unique combination of tranquility of a landed housing lifestyle with the facilities of a condominium. There is a clear strategy of ordering Nature to the planning of the Architecture. 
In respect of the residential context of landed houses with front gardens, the frontage is designed to be a garden that enhances the lushness of the roadside landscape, extending in layers into the development.  Layers of trees carry on the layering of the roadside trees, giving depth and richness and blurring the physical boundary of the site with the roadside landscape.

The buildings are designed to be comparable in scale with the neighborhood, in the form of striations, textures and patterns. This theme is carried throughout the Architecture as well as in the Landscape design.  Nature is always brought into the house – through reflections, shadow play, in the courtyard, through the carefully framed windows.  The play of reflective mirror tiles on the party walls, will create surprises of virtual nature that will differ from house to house, thereby creating different viewpoints from within each house.. The spacious interior is made unique with the unexpected views of the passing cloud, the dappled patterns on the wall or the misty rainwater streaming down the window panes.
There is always a sense of space progressing vertically as well as extending out to the exterior, bringing the outdoors indoor.

The Landscape is designed to be viewed from inside the house as well as to give privacy between the pool deck and the house. Carefully placed planters shields the private patio from the pool deck giving privacy to the dwellers as well as the swimmers. The Architecture will delight the bon vivant. A statement of bespoke Contemporary Architecture.